What a week for an actor

As an actor, we have good weeks and well, quiet weeks. Last we was a very good week…

Last week was a busy week and comprised of me working 4 days in the casting studio for Bonnie Lee Bouman, a callback for an international feature and half day on a local sitcom.

I work in castingĀ from time to time as a survival job, and also as a learning experience. You can learn so much from both good and bad auditions, and just being in that environment can keep you sharp and on point for your own auditions. It was a bit of a crazy week with three commercials and a TV series being cast, not to mention that 2 of the days we were blessed with load shedding right in the middle of the working day, so our edits and uploads where late, and had to be done after hours – thank you Eskom. Otherwise the busy nature of the casting studio was really fun to dive back into.

Tuesday afternoon saw me audition for Christa Shamberger and the International feature “The Siege of Jadotville” which will be filming in and around JHB from April. It was a good callback, the director, Richie Smyth was there and directed the callback. You never know with these things, but I walked out happy I had done my job. When I was studying in America, they said the average for every job you booked went as follows; for every 100 auditions you go on, you’ll get 10 callbacks, for every 10 callbacks, you’ll book 1 job. So as averages go I am doing okay, and even if I don’t book the job, I am proud of the work I did in the room.

After leaving the callback, I received a lovely surprise. My agents called to check on my availability and informed me that I had been requested for a small role for a local sitcom, called “Abomzala” for SABC 2. My role was that of a young man who comes to fetch his father who has snuck our of his retirement home and is selling goods from the home in the township, to a local Spaza Shop. I was only in 1 scene, and was in and out by 11am, but it still feels good getting the job without an audition.


After my busy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the rest of the week was in the casting studio. So all-in-all WHAT A WEEK!

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