Creating the website!!!

Who knew creating a website was so time consuming!

Clayton BoydI am not an immensely technical person, and I have now spent the better part of 10 hours staring at a computer screen trying to figure out how to create a relatively attractive acting site that will serve all of the necessary purposes.

If you haven’t tried this before, let me tell you that it is not for the feint of hart. (is that the right faint?) There are thousands of choices and options depending on what you are looking for. First, there is the general template, then the plugins. Oh and don’t forget to add all the pages you want.

Okay, you want your blog to be on this page, GOODLUCK! Never mind figuring out how to link it all to the varying social media sites! Anyway, all of this is so I can test if in fact my blog post will land on the page I want it to land on… Wish me luck.

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